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Thundering Hoof Ranch

Offering grass fed beef, pastured pork, and lamb since 2006
"Preserving Tomorrow One Pasture at a Time"TM

-  BEEF -  PORK  -  LAMB  -


Grass fed Beef

  • At The Ranch, we raise beef as natural as possible. Calves nurse and stay with their mothers up to 10 months. In turn this helps the calves build strong immune systems.

  • We do not feed any grain and our beef has “True old fashion beef flavor”.

  • Research has shown that Grassfed beef is lower in saturated fat and has more vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and two health-promoting fats called omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid.


Grass fed Gourmet Icelandic Lamb

  • Icelandic Sheep are one of the world’s oldest and purest breeds of sheep. They have a great mild flavored meat and beautiful wool coat of natural browns, tans, and cream colors. Like all of our animals, we raise them on pasture.

  • We know you will just love the taste of this lamb compared to any other!

  • Wool and wool product from these beautiful sheep are also available.

  •  **Beautifully Tanned Lamb Hides. The long silky brushed wool is incredible. ** Hand Spun Wool Yarn


Pastured Berkshire Pork   

  • We feed our heirloom breed of pigs a natural diet of corn, hay, pasture grasses,garden vegetables, and mineral. We NEVER feed our pigs junk food like cookies, pizza, or any other type of industrial food system waste

  • Our Pork has given us very happy and loyal customers who are not afraid to voice that they will never go back to store-bought pork again! They never knew pork tasted this good!      


"Golden" Eggs

  • Our chickens are pastured during the growing season.

  • Our truly Free Range egg-laying chickens follow the beef through the pastures, snacking on nutritious grass and insects in addition to their feed. You will notice that our eggs have a deep orange/gold colored yolk which is representative of the chicken’s nutritionally rich diet.

  • Eggs that are pasture raised are higher in Omega-3’s, lower in cholesterol, lower in “bad fats”, and higher in “good fats”.


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