• Grass Fed Beef - Quarter Deposit

    Deposit for Grassfed Beef to be applied to final balance.
    Final price based on 4.85 per lb hanging weight. 
    Average Hanging weights
    Whole  600 lbs
    Half  300 lbs
    Quarter 150 lbs
    Take home is 60+\- % of Hanging Weight dependent on the number of bone-in/boneless cuts. 
    SKU: 0013

      Deposit for Grassfed Beef.  

      $3.85/lb hanging weight based on the final carcass weight plus any processing fees. 

      Meat + Butcher fees tends to run $4.85/lb based on hanging weight

      We will contact you after deposit to complete a cut sheet or download one from our website.

      Butcher schedule available via phone call or text.  


      Refund Policy

      Deposits are non-refundable.  Deposits can be applied as in-store credit but depositor must notify Thundering Hoof Ranch before the butcher date to be eligible for refund.


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