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1/4, 1/2, Whole Grass Fed Beef Deposit

1/4, 1/2, Whole Grass Fed Beef Deposit

SKU: 0013

Deposit for Grassfed Beef to be applied to final balance. Final price based on $5.35 per lb hanging weight INCLUDES basic processing.Hang weight is the carcass weight before it is processed into chops, roasts, etc.Examples of what is not included in basic processing: sausages, 1 steak per package, etc. Processor charges extra for these.Average Hanging weightsWhole 600 lbsHalf 300 lbsQuarter 150 lbsTake home is 56 +\-% of Hanging Weight dependent on the number of bone-in/boneless cuts. High percentage boneless cuts (NY Strip instead of Tbones/Porterhouses, boneless roast, etc) will yield 40-50%.Deposits:Quarter $350Half $550Whole $950 1. Place order here2. Send deposit check to:Thundering Hoof Ranch N7471 Forest Ridge Rd Berlin, WI 54923.3. We will send you a cut sheet detailing how you would like your cuts.4. Pickup your beef when it has been processed. Next butcher dates: see pulldown; it takes up to 24 months to finish a Grassfed animal. Our dates are based on optimum finish.


    Deposit for Grassfed Beef.  

    $4.99/lb hanging weight based on the final carcass hanging weight.

    We will contact you after deposit to complete a cut sheet or download one from our website.


    Refund Policy

    Deposits are non-refundable.  Deposits can be applied as in-store credit but depositor must notify Thundering Hoof Ranch before the butcher date to be eligible for refund.


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